Whether you are a marketer searching for new engagement opportunities or a small business owner that is looking to connect with prospects on social media,

…either way,

it is very important to know about the many social media networks out there, some more popular than the others.

The reality is…

…that you might be looking to expand your reach or get closer to your target audience, but might not know where to start this journey.

To make things easier,

I did some detective work and found some useful information on the top 10 social media sites in 2019.

Even if you are familiar with a few of them…

…it might be a good idea to stick around and read the information I compiled on these social media sites that could be a good fit for your business.

Let’s check these out…

1. Facebook

facebook homepage

Facebook is obviously the big shot here. More than 2 billion, yes BILLION, users benefit from it on a monthly basis.

Businesses in general are benefiting from Facebook

How do I know?


More than 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages and more than 6 million are utilizing the social media giant for advertisement purposes, according to Buffer.com

Facebook is relatively easy to set up and can be used to share images, video, viral content, among other things with your friends.

Its algorithm gives priority to content that has a higher level of engagement amongst its users.

2. YouTube

YouTube logo in front of computer

Although I personally don’t categorize Youtube as a social media channel (to me it is more of a search engine)…

…this platform lets you create videos for the world to see and share.

With over a billion hours worth of video seen daily, the Google-owned platform is a great avenue for businesses to position their ads.

3. Instagram

instagram image

Another addition in the Facebook family,

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media app. It can help boost your engagement by letting you post in various ways. These include images, video clips, stories, live streams, among other formats.

4. Tik Tok

tik tok screenshot

What started out with fun videos, and a catchy tune, has turned out to be a new social media platform that is bringing in around 500 million active users per month. 

Tik Tok positioned itself as the world’s most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018, kicking Facebook and Instagram’s ass.

5. Twitter

twitter in phone

Twitter has been around for a while (2006).

It is still relevant today due to its ability to stay current with real time events.

…the channel is often used for social listening — in other words,

brands tend to favor it for customer service.

Another key thing about Twitter is that its character limit is 240 characters…

…making this a favorite way of micro blogging and communication for its nearly 335 monthly active users.

6. Reddit

reddit home

Reddit look outdated at first,

but it is actually quite popular and up to date with user generated questions, links, images and discussions.

Its 330 million active users play a role in which content makes it to the top through a unique voting system.

here are dedicated forums (sub-reddits) for a lot (and I mean A LOT) of topics.

If your brand can benefit from this platform…

…it is a good way to get some awareness and interact with the community.

A plus,

Reddit also has advertisement opportunities so you can reach your prospects.

7. LinkedIn

linkedin office

Love it or hate it, Linkedin has evolved into a professional social media outlet, where experts in various fields can share their content and engage with other professionals.

It has also adapted to help its 290 million monthly users establish authority,

…especially if you are in the business to business space (or “B2B”) due to the fact that you can demonstrate your brand’s authority.

8. Medium

medium screenshot

Medium is an online publishing platform with a social network twist.

It’s free to publish,

a plus for small business owners and budget-aware entrepreneurs.

You can reach it’s 60 million monthly users by adding new original posts, or as a pro tip…

…you can re-publish your best content.

9. Snap Chat

snap chat

Snapchat used to be a pioneer when it came to short stories that you could share with friends.


…in recent years its popularity has declined because major companies like Facebook and Instagram have implemented this feature into their offerings.

With that being said,

Snapchat still has a monthly reach of 255 million active users that are actively sharing short images and videos on the platform.

Not to mention…

…brands that have a younger market can benefit from advertisement on the channel since its user base tends to be younger on the age spectrum.

10. Pinterest


Last, bot not least on my list is Pinterest.

With a solid 250 million active users per month…

…Pinterest is a good place to be if you have a brand.

The social media channel is a good place to find inspiring and new things,

unlike engagement centric social media channels (I’m looking at you Facebook).

78% of its users have stated that they find content from brands on this channel to be useful.

Should your brand be everywhere?

It is really hard to be on every social media channel and see worthwhile results.

Having a good strategy to reach your target audience should be your top priority.

Experiment with various social media channels before selecting and sticking with those that can yield trackable metrics which will impact your business.

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