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No matter how optimized and targeted your digital marketing plan is, you may not get the desired result without a lead generation plan. Not everyone in your target audience is a prospect (also known as a lead). Thus, you need a lead generation marketing plan to capture your prospects from the wide pool of audience and convert them to paying customers.

Lead generation marketing involves convincing your leads to take the first step in your sales funnel, and guiding them to purchasing your products or services. Essentially, it ensures that every prospect that comes in contact with your business becomes a loyal customer. This marketing strategy is especially important for small businesses to beat bigger competitors.

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Hire A Lead Generation Expert To Increase Sales

As a business, you need to convert prospects to loyal customers regularly to increase sales and grow your business exponentially. With a lead generation marketing plan in place, you can get customers non-stop for your business. However, developing an effective lead generation marketing requires expertise, as it is a process that combines several digital marketing tactics.

Professional lead generation marketers have the expertise and experience to create effective plans that will bring in more customers. Our lead gen experts at Humble Fox Media can set up marketing plans that will capture the attention of your prospects and convert them into paying customers. We will handle everything from prospects research and landing page building to lead magnets preparation and email marketing.

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Our Lead Generation Process

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#1: Evaluate Your Marketing Strategies

First, we will collect important information about your business and marketing strategies. Then will analyze your sales funnel to find opportunities we can leverage and mistakes that we can fix, to get more leads into your funnel.

#2: Create A Lead Generation Plan

Next, we will develop a unique lead generation marketing plan that will convert prospects effectively. We will not just provide you with a general plan. Rather, we will utilize the information gathered about your business to create an effective plan that suits your unique business needs.

#3: Implement Lead Gen Strategy

Then, our experts will get to work to implement the lead generation strategy. This may include redesigning your landing page, optimizing your website and social ads, creating more targeted content, and more.

#4: Convert Leads To Customers

Finally, we won’t just bring in the leads. We will convert them to new customers using strategies such as automated email marketing. All you’ll  have to do is sell and deliver your product or services to them.

Why Choose Humble Fox Media
For Your Lead Generation Marketing


At Humble Fox Media, we understand the ins and outs of generating leads, and can help you to get customers for your business quickly. Unlike other agencies, we do not just work on your sales or landing page. Rather, we take a comprehensive approach that revamps your entire sales funnel to make your business more attractive to prospects.

We will optimize your sales funnel to ensure that your leads take the step to purchase your product and services. This will include several strategies, including engaging your prospects with social ads retargeting, building great landing pages that that will compel them to submit their contact details, nurturing them with email marketing, and more.

Furthermore, we will track the exact number of leads and sales generated from the lead generation marketing campaigns we set up. We will also provide you with actionable data from the lead generation marketing campaign, which you can use to understand common trends and tailor your marketing plans to convert more prospects faster.

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