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Effective Facebook Ads That Reach Your Prospects

With over 2 billion active Facebook users, your prospective customers are likely to be on Facebook. Therefore, one of the fastest way to reach your customers directly is to create ads that target them on Facebook, as they spend several hours daily on the leading social media platform.

Unlike other traditional advertising medium, Facebook ads are highly targeted, and you can be sure that your ad will reach your prospects. What’s more, Facebook ads are really cheap, and with a budget of only $10, you can reach thousands of your target audience. Thus, you can use Facebook ads to increase sales and grow your business quickly.

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Hire a Facebook Ad Expert To Convert More Leads

Setting up Facebook ads that convert is a skill that most business owners don’t possess. Most often, boosting a post is confused as being the same as creating a Facebook ad, but they aren’t. On the other hand, if you’re technically inclined, you may be able to setup your ads by following some of the numerous guides available online.

However, a successful Facebook ad requires much more than knowing how to set up the ads. Setting up high-converting Facebook ads depends on several factors including, targeting the right audience, writing a compelling ad copy, and using a captivating ad creative. Hence, you need the help of a Facebook ad expert, to set up ads that will reach your target audience and convert your prospects to paying customers.

Stop wasting hundreds of dollars boosting your page posts or setting up ads that don’t convert, and reach out to our Facebook ads expert at Humble Fox Media. When you work with us, we will setup your ads professionally and continue to monitor and optimize the ads to ensure a significant return on your investment.



Learn Your Ad Needs

We will provide you with out Facebook advertising questionnaire to fill in vital details that will help us to learn more about your business and the goals you want to achieve with Facebook ads. We will then create a comprehensive plan of how we will setup your ads professionally to get results.


Setup Facebook Ads

Next, we will request access to your Facebook ads account, so we can start setting up your ad campaigns. We will handle everything, including the ad copy and headlines, images, graphics, or videos, and target audience research. You will be able to see the ads draft before we submit it to Facebook for approval.


Monitor Facebook Ads

Our job does not end when Facebook approves the ad. As the ads run, we will monitor all the ad variations we set up and analyze their performance using the Facebook analytics. Then, we will make strategic changes to optimize the high-performing ads and stop the low performing ads to prevent waste of ad budget.


Provide Ads Report

At the end of the Facebook ad campaigns, we will give you a detailed report of the campaigns. This report will include details about the results of each campaign, and how much each campaign was able to fulfill your ad goals. We can provide you with this report biweekly or monthly to help you evaluate your return on investment.



We Have The Experience

If you hire someone to manage your Facebook Ads and that person is not qualified and has no experience, you’re making a huge mistake. Millions of dollars are wasted on Facebook every year due to limited knowledge and experience handling Facebook Ads campaigns. You need a Facebook advertising agency with years of experience developing successful campaigns that drive real revenue.


We provide you with relevant information to grow your business

It is difficult to grow and scale your business with little to none data.  We’ll make sure to track your return on investment. We will also  provide you with reports that will help you understand that information easily.


We are a Full-Service Ad Agency

Our full-service Facebook advertising agency can support your business in all of your online advertising needs. Whether you need advanced graphics, or email marketing newsletters to target your new customers, we are here to help. We can also advertise your business on additional social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and much more. We really believe that we can can be a long-term partner and help you succeed.

Why Choose Humble Fox Media
For Your Facebook Ads

Humble Fox Media is a reputable digital agency, with expert Facebook advertisers who have years of experience setting up exceptional ad campaigns that help small businesses grow their client base and increase revenue. We can help you achieve several marketing goals with Facebook ads; from brand awareness and lead generation to making actual sales.

Furthermore, we do not just set up your ads and hope it will give the desired result. We will do all it takes to make sure you win at Facebook advertising, including a/b split testing, conversion optimization, pixel installation, lookalike audience campaign, and more. We will handle everything involved, including the ad copy and ad creative, as well as provide ongoing management for the ads until they stop running.

Want to advertise your small business on Facebook to reach more prospects? Avoid wasting your ad budget on ads that don’t convert due to lack of experience or expert knowledge of Facebook ads. Call us on (253) 470-6820 or click on the button below to schedule a free consultation with one of our Facebook ads experts.

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