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Gig Harbor General Contractor Sees A 250% Increase In Sales!

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TS Enterprises' Journey

TS Enterprises (now Stein Construction) committed to being the best residential & commercial renovation services in the Puget Sound Area. They believe in creating an outstanding product at a competitive price and are fully committed to becoming the contractor of choice, always pursuing excellence through quality work, open communication and dedication.

How They Worked With SUCCESS WITH MARKETING To Generate More Revenue

In late 2018, Tyler Stein, Founder of TS Enterprises (now Stein Construction), decided to give Success With Marketing a chance. Tyler had met with other marketing agencies in the area, but their approach to marketing did not click with the vision he had for his company. Tyler did not have a modern website and did not have a marketing strategy to attract and retain long lasting clients.

A Crucial Conversation ūüí¨

Through a series of free workshops and in office strategy sessions, we were able to build trust with Tyler and create buy in for a predictable sales and marketing funnel that helped him close more contracts in a year. 

The campaign was broken down like this:

1. Awareness: In person networking.

2. Engagement: valuable content that answered basic questions on the website and also on social media.

3. Subscription: Tyler provided a discount for new leads he met at networking events, in exchange for their business cards.

4. Conversion: Tyler provided a free consultation.

5. Excitement: A portfolio of past work was introduced so prospects could understand how TS Enterprises could help them move their vision forward.

6. Core Offer: TS provided Home renovation services and then was able to up-sell handyman services in order to retain those clients for a longer period of time.

7. Testimonials: Happy clients started leaving Testimonials of the work on Facebook groups in the local community.

8. Referrals: TS Enterprises incorporated a referral program in order to incentivize past clients to refer him in the community. Since the clients were super happy with his sales process and work, they provided word of mouth referrals without hesitation.

New Business Comes to Them

After a year of educating, creating and implementing marketing strategies for TS…

They received 60 new leads with 36 converting into actual clients.

The average revenue generated from the campaign was $98,000, doubling their profits from $28,000 in the previous year.

I was approached by multiple digital marketing agencies in the past, and got burned with promises that weren't delivered. When I met with Success With Marketing, I trusted their way of helping me build my brand through marketing. I doubled my sales and my revenues are now up to $98,000 with better margins. I believe so much in what they are doing, that I put down some of my own money, to help them grow as a business.
Tyler Stein

Founder, TS Enterprises

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