Regional Refrigeration / HVAC Company Climbs To The Top Pages In Google And Generates More Sales!

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From local organic channels.


investment in less than 3 months

From organic sources.

Refrigeration Unlimited's Journey

Refrigeration Unlimited Inc (RUI) has been built on a foundation constructed from a customer base that demands trust, quality, and the latest industry advancements. Founded in 1993, the company has grown to become one of the leading full service refrigeration, HVAC and installation contractors in the Northwest. 

How They Worked With SUCCESS WITH MARKETING To Generate More Revenue

In July 2019, Shelby Powell, Business Developer for RU-INC,  sat down with our CEO and marketing strategist Josue Oliveras Perez. During The lunch/meeting, Mr. Powell wanted to learn more about digital marketing and how it could impact sales in a positive way locally in Washington State and various cities in the region.

The conversation leaned towards search engine optimization and how the company had various opportunities to rank higher on search engines like Google. Upon learning about the opportunities, the conversation switched towards return on investment. How fast could they see it and what could they expect. Josue provided the necessary education and relevant information. Shortly after, RU Inc gave Success With Marketing a chance to prove how Search Engine Optimization could help them increase leads.

A Crucial Conversation 💬

A national SEO campaign that targeted, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, California and Oregon, was developed. The goal of this campaign was to get new traffic to their site from cities in which they had a local office, other than the one in Washington.

The focus was on creating content around their services, products and also position themselves as a solid distributor of Hussmann parts. 

On page optimization, the creation of backlinks on niche industry sites and important technical fixes to their site helped them in a big way.

New Business Comes to Them

After just 3 months It was time to see the impact of the SEO campaign.

With much success, the SEO strategy applied yielded a 44% increase on the sites contact form (leads) from Anchorage Alaska alone!


In addition, the company tripled their initial investment of $6,000 due to new contracts being signed in Washington State and other regional offices. In an interesting turn of events, Ru Inc also started outranking Hussmann for their name brand in various cities.

targetted cities RU Inc
Search engine rankings RU INC
RU Inc beats husmann for number one slot

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