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If you’ve had the opportunity to listen to a digital marketer in the last 10 years, you would come to the conclusion that traditional marketing is dead!

No more TV commercials or giant billboards.

Of course,

That is not the case.

These mediums are still alive.


You can’t deny that modern digital marketing tactics are alive and here to stay.

Due to this shift in the modern digital era,

Is traditional marketing still relevant for your business?

Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

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Outbound marketing is pretty much what we’ve come to know as traditional marketing. Think of: 

TV spots, radio ads, trade show booths and direct mail.


Why in the world is it called outbound?

Outbound marketing gets its name (and reputation)…

…because marketers push their message out into the world,

So prospects and clients can see or hear it.

In essence,

It disrupts our daily lives by force feeding us ideas and products/services  we did not ask for.

While outbound or traditional marketing pushes its message out…

…Inbound marketing, it’s digital cousin, attracts prospects and clients in. 

Inbound marketing relies on digital tactics in order to be successful.

Social media and content marketing are 2 examples of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing provides value in advance.

In other words,

When the prospect or client has a problem or concern…

They are pulled in by content created digitally, like videos and articles that will help them.

Traditional marketing dictates what you should hear and inbound marketing provides genuine value by giving prospects what they want and need.

The Advantages of Inbound Marketing

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It’s no secret that inbound marketing has an advantage over outbound methods.

Consumer ignorance is no longer a viable option to win over a new client.

Prospects today can quickly grab their phones, research a solution to their problems, go to your website to see if you can help them, while researching your competition in a separate tab! All in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to this shift in consumer behavior…

Traditional marketing is just not pretty!

People don’t like being sold to anymore.They want to feel like they are in control.

And this isn’t something I just made up! Check these statistics out…

75% of Inbound teams are more likely to rate their marketing strategy as effective.

53% of Marketers see higher ROI from inbound marketing tactics.

Marketers that rely on inbound marketing see a 60% increase in quality leads. 

The numbers go on.

It looks like inbound marketing pays for itself if it is done right.


Traditional marketing can still be relevant.

lots of advertising

If inbound marketing gets better results and return on investment,
does that mean you can say goodbye to outbound?

The answer,


It is a proven fact that inbound marketing creates the foundation for success with your marketing.


Outbound strategies still have a supporting role in your quest for growth.

For instance,

Tv ads and radio ads can be used to target mass audiences, and print media ads can be a perfect compliment to your marketing efforts.

After all, brand recognition can boost the effectiveness of inbound marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day, 

What really matters is that your business is successful. A holistic approach that integrates inbound and outbound marketing strategies could yield the results you are looking for, without overlooking your audience and the value you provide to them.

Josué Oliveras Pérez

CEO and Co-founder of Success With Marketing. Thrive Global Contributor, Information Officer BRN Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce Harbor & Small Business Marketing Expert. I have helped many local businesses with their digital marketing needs for more than 5 years. In my off time, you can find me tasting some local beers around Gig Harbor, WA or searching for music from the 90’s at a vinyl record shop near you.


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