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As a business owner…

it is important to find new and interesting ways to attract customers to your business, whether you own a salon, restaurant, bar or any other establishment.

If you are looking for innovative ways to get more prospects to walk into your business, keep reading to find out how using Facebook Ads can help you achieve this.

What Are Facebook Ads?

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Facebook ads are great marketing campaigns that promote your business or service to your target market on Facebook.

It is easier to promote your business with Facebook ads while on a budget than conventional strategies like billboard and TV commercials, as well as turn your campaigns on and off whenever you feel like.


Facebook ads allow your customers to promote your business to their family and friends on the platform, and we all know how powerful word of mouth is.

It is relatively easy to set up an ad using Facebook. It can tell if your prospects are living in or visiting a particular city and if their interest aligns with your business, then determine whether or not to target them.

All that is required of you is to select your target market location and their interests, and Facebook handles the rest.

Why Is That?


It is easier because, as a local business you know something really specific and crucial about your prospective customers.

Such as…

…where exactly they live, and what interests them.


…you can set up your Facebook ads to target them more accurately, without wracking your brain for different interest to target. The same cannot be said for businesses that want to target prospects nationwide.

For instance…

At Humble Fox Media, because we sell our products nationwide, we are faced with the challenge of narrowing down our target audience. Even if we only select our top performing states, we would still have an audience size of over 260 million people.


…to make the targeting more specific, we have to include certain interests that would appeal to our prospective customers.

This brings the audience size to a much more reasonable 520,000 people and helps ensure that a great number of the targeted audience will be interested in our products.

Facebook Ads For Local Businesses

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As stated before…

Facebook ads for local businesses are easier, because the targeting is basically done for you.

The audience targeted is defined, and Facebook does not require any other factor from you except the location.

You can even put in specific street addresses and tweak the radius to refine your targets.

And if you like…

You can state whether you want to target all the people in the location, people who live there, or those traveling to it.

For instance…

If you own a restaurant, instead of targeting everyone in the state, you can give discounts to visitors or actual residents of your local area.

Tips For Creating Converting Facebook Ads For Local Businesses

Now that you understand how to reach your local market through targeting, let’s cover methods for enticing them to actually visit and patronize your business.

Reach Out to your Targets

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You are most likely to stop and read an ad that is written specifically for you, as opposed to a generalized one.

If you live in Washington for instance, an ad targeted at Washingtonians is more likely to grab your attention than one that doesn’t include a particular state.


…when you are creating an ad, ensure that you include specific details such as the name of your target city or state.

A copy that says “Washingtonians, are you tired of waiting in line for gas?” can prove to be more effective than one where the state isn’t mentioned.

Boost your Posts

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If you post status updates on your business page, you should consider boosting it using the “Boost Post” button.

With as little as $3, you can boost any of your posts that your audience may find interesting and target only people within your city.

An example is the Greyhound Tavern, a restaurant in Ft. Mitchell, KY that boosted their post to let people know that they added a Bloody Mary bar, and got massive engagement and shares.

fb ad example


…bars aren’t the only businesses that can boost their posts. If you own a restaurant, you can post your daily menu and boost it to reach more people.


Salons can post and boost the before and after photos of their clients and even include positive reviews from their customers.

There are endless possibilities for things to boost on your Facebook page.


Whenever you update anything that might be interesting to your audience, be sure to use the “Boost Post” button to reach more people in your local area.

Create an Event

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If you want to generate customers for your business, then you should consider creating an event on your Facebook ads.

For instance…

If you own a car dealership, you can come up with a Sunday festival for families, where you offer things like face painting and free food.

This will help attract people to your dealership who will surely remember your business whenever they are in the market for a car.

Other events you can create are hair styling workshops for a salon business and wine or drink tasting events for a bar.

Also, creating an event on Facebook can provide extra promotion for your business as more of your target audience will get to see on their feed when their friends decide to attend, or when they post pictures from the event.

The key thing to remember when creating an event is to give your audience a reason to attend, such as discounts or freebies.

Give Discounts

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Another way to attract the attention of your target market is to offer them discounts on products or services you offer.

A bar business can give discounts in the form of happy hour, while service providers like dentists can offer super deals on things like root canals, and so on.

Such an ad is guaranteed to generate a lot of buzz because it is designed as a discount promotion.

Even if you do not make a lot of money from offering discounts, keep at it, as there is a great chance that some of your targets will become lifelong paying customers.


When offering discounts, always consider the distance you are willing to go, to land more customers.

Create Informative Content for your Local Market

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Another way to grab the attention of prospective customers in your local area is by creating interesting content that appeal to them.

Such content could come in various forms like a blog, Facebook video ad and many more. Video ads can be very rewarding for real estate businesses, where it is important to have a rapport with your audience.

A great example of informative content can be seen in Pauly Presley Realty, where they simply provide content instead of asking whether their customers are ready to buy or sell a house.

content puppies

For a gym/personal training service…

You can create content that informs people on some of the best places to exercise around town.

If you own a restaurant or bar…

Feel free to make a list of happy hours within your city and include your own restaurant or bar business in it.

From all of these examples, you can see that the possibilities of Facebook ads for your local business are actually endless.


When creating your Facebook ads or boosting your post, be sure to look for innovative ways to stand out in the newsfeed.

Make sure you use the name of your target city or town in the ad, and also ensure you are providing them value first with content.

For every Facebook ad you set up, ask yourself if you are providing your audience with a reason to take action immediately.

Good luck!

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